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Our owner at a book signing, Barnes and Noble

Handy Waste was started in 2012 by an Atlanta businessman and author. He was a customer of a large valet trash company in Atlanta, and he saw lots of room for improvement in the way the service was run. As he thought about how he would do things differently, he began to develop a business plan.

As a service volunteer, former Micro Economics teacher, and efficiency expert, he had a unique approach to business in today's world - seeking ways to truly help customers AND save them money. This perspective became his goal for Handy Waste - to offer the best service at an affordable price.

He hired top-notch employees who were also service-focused and soon obtained his first accounts. He was receiving positive feedback that his service was superior to that of his clients' previous valet trash providers. But operating Handy Waste has been an ongoing process of perfecting his plan, by assessing and catering to each property's individual needs, and increasing their bottom line through cost savings.

Handy Waste has grown to include accounts throughout Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida, but our simple plan to provide superior, affordable service still drives the success of the company. As his experience with diverse types of properties and cost challenges has grown, he has found new, innovative ways to meet each challenge. He has implemented new communication technologies, developed more customized services and found new avenues for cost savings ~ without sacrificing employee pay or customer service.

Handy Waste customers could not be happier - check out our reviews here!

We would love for your property to become our next satisfied customer! If you have any questions or would like a service quote, please contact us.

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