Apartment Trash Guidelines


Handy Waste Trash Guidelines & Trash Rules

If your trash was not picked up, please check the following:

If your answer is 'Yes' to the above questions and your trash was not picked up, please contact us or your Property Manager. We will work to resolve the issue to your satisfaction and within your community's cleanliness guidelines.

Why All the Rules?

Handy Waste Trash Service

Handy Waste follows certain guidelines for residential trash collection, community/shared space trash collection, and your specific community - all with the goals of keeping people safe and your community clean.

The Rules ~ And Reasons

Violation Tickets

While most residents follow the guidelines, occasionally a violation occurs, and we generally leave a Handy Waste Violation Ticket on the resident's door and log the incident for access by your Property Manager, who may also follow up with you.

We certainly do not want to embarrass a resident, and we do understand an occasional incident of excess trash or a forgotten rule. However, the tickets are part of our commitment to help maintain a clean community and safe environment for you and our staff.

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