Handy Waste Property Management Services

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Apartment Valet Trash ~ Campus Trash Service ~ Student Housing Valet Waste ~ Business Park Garbage Removal

Handy Waste offers superior service in doorstep valet trash removal to apartments, campuses, business parks and communities in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.

Because our staff directly represents your property and reputation, we have implemented several unique training programs, including Handy Waste GUARANTEED SUPERIOR SERVICE CERTIFICATION. This is a required certification for all on-site employees, with material and testing to ensure that all staff members are trained to work efficiently and represent your property professionally under all circumstances.

Handy Waste Unique Services and Benefits

No two properties are alike, and we work with our clients one-on-one to customize a service plan for your individual property's needs and budget. There are many service options available. Handy Waste standard services and benefits include:

Some of Our Optional Services:

Handy Waste Recycling Services
  • Recycling pickup
  • Doorstep delivery of trash bags
  • Community event clean-up
  • Common grounds trash pickup
  • Pet waste pickup
  • Resident pickup via online app request

  • and many other services based on your property's needs!
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