Handy Waste Services
to Apartment Managers:

  • Delivery. Initial delivery of garbage cans with written instructions to the renters
  • Quick, Daily Weekday Pick-Up. Timely trash pick-up at each subscriber's door every weekday evening
  • Organized Dumping. On-site dumping of all trash neatly into your on-site receptacle
  • Work Logs. Tracking and maintenance logs of customer pick-ups available
  • Customer Service. Priority response to issues/complaints related to any issue arising from our company's services
  • Easy Accounting. A monthly written invoice to your complex manager, breaking down all units utilizing HANDY WASTE services
  • Replacement Service. Fast replacement of lost or stolen trash receptacles
  • Cleanliness. Cleaner apartments, unit door areas, and dumpster areas

Handy Waste Services to Residents:

  • Clear instructions for leaving out trash at your door
  • Garbage canprovided
  • Regular pickup every weekday evening
  • Fast response to any issue related to HANDY WASTE services
  • Dumpster delivery of all picked-up trash

We'd love the opportunity to show you how much happier your residents will be once they become used to HANDY WASTE.
If we can provide you with a free quote or answer any questions,
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